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Improve Performance Therapy

Your level of performance is vastly impacted upon by your mental state, whether this be during exams, interviews, presentations, sporting events or competitions.

The way you are thinking and feeling about the event affects not only your performance on the day, but also how well you have been able to prepare, reflect and improve. In short, mental training is essential if you want to perform at the best of your ability and achieve your full potential.

There are various techniques within hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching that can improve your attitude, motivation, self-belief, and deal effectively with any negativity, anxiety or nerves, improve concentration and focus under pressure. Visualisation and imaginal practice has been shown to be beneficial to enhancing performance in a variety of situations.

Typically improving performance with hypnotherapy could only require a single session but this could also require significantly more dependent on your individual needs and goals. The cost for these sessions is £55 per session which lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. A discount of 10% is applied for all block bookings (4 sessions or more) where 50% is paid at the first session. Regular clients (who pay per session) also qualify for a 10% discount following their fourth session.

If you are ready to make a change or would just like to find out more, Contact Us for a confidential discussion.

Please note that hypnotherapy is not mind control or a miracle cure, indeed everyone has individual needs and as with any treatment results can vary. Hypnotherapy can focus and enhance motivation for change, however, a willingness for change needs to be present for the therapy to be successful.

Individual needs dictate the process and the number of sessions required, however an example plan for this service is shown below:

  • Introduction Session (Telephone/Skype Consultation– Free of Charge)
    • Answer questions and assess suitability of hypnotherapy to meet your needs
  • Session 1
    • Understanding your goals and agreeing therapeutic approach (60-90 mins)
    • Initial therapy (if time permits)
  • Session 2
    • Building confidence and belief in yourself to achieve your goals
  • Session 3
    • Challenging unhelpful rules and beliefs
  • Session 4 onwards
    • Changing unhelpful associations
    • Dealing with triggers, influencing and maintaining factors
    • Strengthening good habits for continued success

Please Contact Us for further information or to arrange the intial free consultation.