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Improve Sleep Therapy

We can all notice the difference that a good nights sleep makes, or the lack of. There are times when specific worries, situations or events can temporarily interrupt your ability to get a full nights restful sleep. However if this goes on for a long time your health and ability to function day to day can be affected.

When you stuggle to get to or stay asleep you can become tired and irritable, lack concentration or focus and can become more succeptable to illness.

Hypnotherapy can enable you to identify any triggers and contributing factors as well as things that may be maintaining the problem and address these as appropriate. It may also be important to look at integrating helpful habits and routines as well as teaching you tools and techniques that you can use to help wind down and switch off so that you can enjoy a more restful and refreshing nights sleep.

Typically improving sleep through hypnosis requires 3 to 4 sessions but can be more or less dependent on your individual needs. The cost for these sessions is £55 per session which lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. A discount of 10% is applied for all block bookings (4 sessions or more) where 50% is paid at the first session. Regular clients (who pay per session) also qualify for a 10% discount following their fourth session.

If you are ready to make a change or would just like to find out more, Contact Us for a confidential discussion.

Please note that hypnotherapy is not mind control or a miracle cure, indeed everyone has individual needs and as with any treatment results can vary. Hypnotherapy can focus and enhance motivation for change, however, a willingness for change needs to be present for the therapy to be successful.

Individual needs dictate the process and the number of sessions required, however an example plan for this service is shown below:

  • Introduction Session (Telephone/Skype Consultation– Free of Charge)
    • Answer questions and assess suitability of hypnotherapy to meet your needs
  • Session 1
    • Understanding your goals and agreeing therapeutic approach (60-90 mins)
    • Initial therapy (if time permits)
  • Session 2
    • Building confidence and belief in yourself to achieve your goals
    • Sleep hygiene and advice
    • Learning to relax
  • Session 3 (if required)
    • Dealing with maintaining factors
    • Learning to "Switch Off"

Please Contact Us for further information or to arrange the intial free consultation.