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Reflexology services are now available at Clear Reflections of Pontefract.

I use fingers and thumbs on reflex areas in the hands and feet that relate to organs, glands and general areas of your body, which can reduce stress and tension as well as improving circulation and aiding the unblocking of nerve impulses, helping the body to maintain its natural physiological balance.

People claim to have benefitted in many different ways from reflexology beyond the benefits mentioned above, commonly feeling relaxed, balanced or refreshed from the first session, however there is also a growing body of research showing the benefits of reflexology.

Following the first session, effects are cumulative and individual to your circumstances; the amount of sessions required vary with clients often choosing to return for monthly maintenance sessions following their initial treatment plan.

What should I expect?
I work from my comfortable treatment room in my own home. You will be in a recliner chair and be required to take off your shoes and socks so that your feet can be worked on.

What does it cost?
Sessions are around 60 minutes long and cost £30 per session.

What does the Association of Reflexology say about the service?

Client Testimonials

Reflexology helps me keep my anxiety and stress levels low, which helps me handle my highly pressured role at work.
M from Pontefract

I was a test case for Katie during her diploma studies and enjoyed the relaxation so much I chose to continue once she was qualified.
S from Pontefract

I tried reflexology after being a hypnotherapy client and I highly recommend it.
H from Pontefract

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