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Stop Smoking

There are many reasons for wanting to stop smoking. The impact on health has been widely researched and shared and it can now impact on home and social life with fewer places where smoking is permitted. However, smoking is both an addiction and a habit.

Studies have shown hypnotherapy to be highly successful in the area of smoking cessation and there are many anecdotal case studies from people have used hypnosis to quit smoking successfully and remain a non smoker. Hypnotherapy will enable you to change patterns, routines and associations, promoting healthier behaviours and new ways of thinking.

Typically it takes only 1 or 2 sessions to quit smoking with the help of hypnosis which costs £125 (This is the cost of the first session, if a second session is required this is free of charge).

If you are ready to make a change or would just like to find out more, Contact Us for a confidential discussion.

Please note that hypnotherapy is not mind control or a miracle cure, indeed everyone has individual needs and as with any treatment results can vary. Hypnotherapy can focus and enhance motivation for change, however, a willingness for change needs to be present for the therapy to be successful.

Individual needs dictate the process and the number of sessions required, however an example plan for this service is shown below:

  • Introduction Session (Telephone/Skype Consultation– Free of Charge)
    • Answer questions and assess suitability of hypnotherapy to meet your needs
  • Session 1
    • Understanding your goals and agreeing therapeutic approach
    • Identifying the type of smoker you are
    • Explore triggers and maintaining factors
    • Building confidence and enhancing motivation to quit smoking
    • Managing Stress
    • Dealing with cravings and overcoming blockers
  • Session 2 (if required)
    • Review progress and benefits
    • Re-enforcing the message with long term and lifestyle goals
    • Remaining a non-smoker

Please Contact Us for further information or to arrange the intial free consultation.