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Stress and Anxiety Therapy

Stress is a normal and natural part of life which is helpful and indeed necessary at times. However, when the stress is long standing or it comes on too often, or in situations when it is not useful, it can begin to cause you problems. Sometimes you may try to avoid the thing which causes you stress, but this is rarely possible without impacting on your life, to varying degrees. The stress response is designed to help you to overcome acute situations. When the stress response occurs too much over longer periods of time, you may not recognise that you are stressed as your body adapts to this level as ‘the new norm’. It may only be when you get stronger symptoms such as a panic attack, poor sleep, illness, pain, digestive problems, short temper, anxiety or a whole host of other possible issues, all of which impact on you that you begin to take notice of this, and recognise that something is wrong.

Stress can be a contributing factor to many illnesses and conditions, and can make symptoms worse and recovery take longer.

Hypnotherapy can help in a number of ways, from recognising the triggers and predisposing factors to stress and understanding and dealing with these differently to guiding the body in relearning how to switch back into a relaxed state, which then allows the body to recover and increases our memory, concentration and problem solving abilities. This can make a huge difference not only in what you can do, how well you do it but also in the amount of energy you have. Improving your general sense of health and well-being.

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There are many different types of anxiety from generalised anxiety where you feel worried and unsafe much of this time to more specific forms such as social anxiety where you are fearful of being embarrassed or looking ‘stupid’ in front of others, feel you are constantly being judged negatively or health anxiety where you become overly sensitive and vigilant to body symptoms or sensations and worry that you have an undiagnosed illness. This can lead to a lot of time researching various conditions and can be focussed on one particular illness, or can flow from one thing to another. These are just 3 examples of the many forms that anxiety can take, and all can be experienced with or without panic attacks.

A panic attack occurs when someone quickly has a surge of anxiety that causes significant symptoms affecting body, thinking and emotions. Some of the symptoms that people can experience when having a panic attack are shortness of breath, pounding heart (palpitations), feeling sick, needing the toilet, butterflies, shaking, pins and needles, change in temperature, sweating, fear, urge to leave the situation or inability to think clearly. It can be an extremely frightening experience and can cause people to become fearful and avoidant of certain situations. Often people develop or fear of the panic attack itself. Panic attacks can also be mistaken for something being very wrong physically (for example, some people interpret the symptoms as a heart attack). Whilst panic attacks are extremely unpleasant, they don’t usually last very long. Hypnotherapy can help in all of these situations.

Typically reducing stress and anxiety through hypnotherapy requires 2 to 8 sessions but can be more or less dependent on your individual needs. The cost for these sessions is £55 per session which lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. A discount of 10% is applied for all block bookings (4 sessions or more) where 50% is paid at the first session. Regular clients (who pay per session) also qualify for a 10% discount following their fourth session.

Please note that hypnotherapy is not mind control or a miracle cure, indeed everyone has individual needs and as with any treatment results can vary. Hypnotherapy can focus and enhance motivation for change, however, a willingness for change needs to be present for the therapy to be successful.

Individual needs dictate the process and the number of sessions required, however an example plan for this service is shown below:

  • Introduction Session (Telephone/Skype Consultation– Free of Charge)
    • Answer questions and assess suitability of hypnotherapy to meet your needs
  • Session 1
    • Understanding your goals and agreeing therapeutic approach (60-90 mins)
    • Initial therapy (if time permits)
  • Session 2
    • Building confidence and belief in yourself to achieve your goals
    • Understanding the physical response to stress in the short and long term
  • Session 3
    • Challenging unhelpful rules and beliefs
    • Dealing with panic
  • Session 4
    • Tackling avoidance
    • Understanding how stress and anxiety affects behaviour
  • Session 5
    • Dealing with others assertively
    • Managing stress now and in the future
  • Session 6 onwards
    • Changing remaining unhelpful associations
    • Further assistance with triggers, influencing and maintaining factors
    • Strengthening good habits for continued success

Please Contact Us for further information or to arrange the intial free consultation.